8″ Loop, Duo 1.5″x48” Tube & Jacket


8″ Closed Loop with duo 1.5″ X 48” Blast Tube with Ice Jacket Drain Port

Kit includes:
1.5″x 48″ 304 Stainless Steel Blast Tube (180-240gr) x 2
304 stainless steel Welded ¼” Heavy Duty Ball Valves
304 stainless steel 1” heavy duty ball valves
Welded 6” base
2-metre-long high-quality PTFE 304 stainless steel braided hose
High pressure tri clamps
Pipe reducers
Vitron gaskets
1/4″ BSP ball valves welded x 3″ end cap lid with shower head
Glycerine filled vacuum gauges
Welded collection bowl (splatter pan)
5” x 18” reclamation tank with dipstick and viewing window
Couplers, connectors, hex nuts etc