CBD Isolate – 99%


Our CBD Isolate is Pure CBD (99.9% Cannabidiol). CBD Isolate is a versatile compound and can be incorporated into many formulas for a wide variety of uses, the isolate can also be vaporised in its natural crystalline form with no need for carrier liquids or compounds.

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Our CBD Isolate comes in 4 sizes; 0.25g (250mg), 0.5g (500mg), 1g (1000mg) & 10g (10,000mg). All CBD Isolate from PurephytoTM is lab tested using high- performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to ensure identification and purity of its contents. PurephytoTM CBD Isolate is extracted from certified organic hemp plants in compliance with UK laws and legislations. PurephytoTM products contain no THC and will not induce any psychoactive effects. All HPLC certificates will available for download once our site features have been fully developed.

Vaporising using a rig
Vaporising using a concentrate pen
Creating custom CBD formulations

Ingredients: Cannabidiol

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