Flash Wax Pen


The Flash Wax pen is uniquely designed with power, efficiency and compactness in mind. It is just 4″ in length, the perfect size that allows users to carry it with you all the time. The Flash features a revolutionary vertical configured powerful ceramic heating coil. This allows the concentrates to perfectly melt and deliver large clouds. Additionally, the strong battery features 450mAh capacity, 3 voltage settings as well as preheat options. All you need to do is choose your desired settings and enjoy your clouds!

1.Power On/Off: press the button 5 times rapidily within 2 seconds.
2.Press the button 3 times to change voltage: Green:4.2V Blue:3.7V Red:3.0V
3.Press the button 2 times to go in to a preheating cycle for 15 seconds.
4.The max continual working time is 15seconds.
5. Colors: Black, White, Gold,Custom color
6. Wax atomizer better experience on wax